Your Health is Our Purpose


“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in a proper diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.” – Thomas Edison


is to align our vision of healthcare with the needs of our patients to provide the services, experiences and environment so that both may thrive and flourish.


is to be a drop contributing to the greater ripple of change occurring in the advancement of patient-centered health and wellness care.


2017 Spring Group Detox – We will be hosting our introductory evening on April 6th at 6:30PM at the Taylors Falls Baptist Church located at 661 West Street in  Taylors Falls, MN. You can read more about the detox here or head on over to our Facebook Event Page to RSVP.


Our 2017 Thermography dates are April 10, July 24 and October 16.


I was a patient of yours when you were still at the Osceola location. I had been diagnosed with FAP (Familio Adinomatus Polyposis). The doctors wanted to completely remove my colon because they said it would get so clogged up with polyps that it would eventually stop functioning. When I came to see you …I felt like you were my last hope. It has been several years since we have spoken, but I felt that I needed to take time out of my busy life to let you know how things have turned out. A little over a year ago, I had another colonoscopy after following your treatment plan. The news was awesome. I went from being told that I had about 100 polyps in my colon, to being told that there were only fifteen, which were removed. I was also told that there was evidence that I had had inflammation but there was none at that time. The doctor didn’t stick around to find out why! But what a turnaround from being told that if I didn’t remove my colon I was faced with the consequences of life threatening cancer. Everyone tells me how healthy I look now, and I have been referring you to many people. I have learned how to better handle stress and live a healthier lifestyle. Thanks for the part you played in my healthy recovery. Debra D.

Dr. Tricia Paulson

Dr. Tricia Paulson Naturopathic Doctor – My passion is to bring hope to people in their quest for health by making physiological sense of their symptoms… once I hear the whole story, the body is usually doing exactly what it should be doing given the circumstances. Then I help them change the circumstances. READ MORE

Jennifer Lutz

Jennifer Lutz, Certified Lifestyle Educator, Health Coach & Personal Trainer – My passion is to help people move through their health journey with ease by providing a listening ear, compassion and a plan that feels just right. READ MORE

Barbara Luepke

Barbara Luepke, Office Coordinator – My daily motivation is to make sure that our patients have all of their supplement and appointment needs met as efficiently as possible, while maintaining a warm and positive patient experience. READ MORE.

Your Health Hub

Being in the St. Croix Valley has provided us with opportunities to connect with practitioners and community members that are extremely passionate in helping others to pursue a healthy, vibrant life. Combining their determination with our patients’ needs has led to the creation of what we call your Health Hub. We aim to position ourselves as your one-stop-shop for an abundance of health and wellness information that we feel confident in sharing. This information is available to you through various channels, whether brochures in our office or links and recommendations on our Resources page. Feel free to stay awhile and peruse the information. If there is something more that you would like to see added, please let us know.

Our approach to helping you achieve True Health is centering you at the core of each choice that is made in the development of your naturopathic functional medicine treatment plan. Our aim to naturally meet the needs of each person we are working with has led to an inclusive offering of services, allowing for comprehensive, holistic care. The foundation of your plan is established through a thorough intake procedure that often involves lab testing and anthropometric measurements. To aid in the implementation of your plan, services such as lifestyle education, health coaching and personal training are available to guide you as you incorporate your care plan. Additionally, we are part of a larger referral network for the times when we know that complementary services may advance your care further. For more information, visit our detailed Services page.
We specialize in helping you make gradual lifestyle transitions that allow for you to reach your True Health potential. Your health care team, Dr. Paulson and Jennifer Lutz, can work with you to help you select and implement a wellness program that makes achieving your health goals even easier. Our 13-week long FirstLine Therapy Program, tailored to those with cardiometabolic concerns, can enhance your health and enable you to live a full, healthy life. Health coaching programs can help to get you “unstuck”; you know what to do, but you need help doing it. Personal fitness training often compliments these two offerings and is available as a program or a stand-alone service. Our detox programs are a great way for those searching for optimized health to reboot their bodies and can be safely done once per year. For more information, see our Programs page.
Naturopathic functional medicine specializes in treating the whole body. So when people ask us “What do we treat?” we say “We treat people!” Therefore, when you visit the “What we Treat” page you will see some of the common health concerns people we see have, but under the “Naturopathic approach to treating someone with….” you will see that unlike conventional medicine we do not treat the diagnosis by simply substituting a pharmaceutical agent with a “natural remedy,” but that we investigate and unravel what the underlying cause(s) of the health concern may be, and help the individual resolve the underlying cause by putting health back into the body.
The expanse of information available on the internet can often lead to information overload and confusion. By providing a Resources page, we would like to share information with you that we have confidence in. Some of this has been created by us specifically for you; or, we may choose to share a page or video from a colleague or professional connection. On this page, you will find our blog, recipes, book recommendations, video recommendations, recipes and much more. We hope that this information makes your quest for information a quick and easy experience. Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Does True Health accept insurance plans?
True Health does not participate in any insurance plans. Naturopathic medicine is currently not recognized by insurance companies in Wisconsin. However, it may be possible for some services and supplements to be reimbursed by your HSA (Health Savings Account) or FLEX plan. It is the responsibility of the patient to research these options prior to their appointment. Without insurance as an option, we are able to maintain a practice that offers cost-effective options for our patients. We are able to do so as there is no “red-tape” that drives higher rates and costs for many of our offerings.
How long will I need to be a patient to be cured?
We don’t know. Our office believes that transparency is key in our communication with our patients. So, one thing that we share is that there is nothing fast in naturopathic medicine. When one chooses to add health back into their body to nourish cells and promote natural healing, time is necessary; patient compliance will certainly help expedite the healing process. Pharmaceuticals often yield fast, targeted resolution of symptoms for what they are intended to address but will often create a wave of unwanted side-effects. Many patients opt to continue their treatments plan beyond the relief of their initial complaints because they realize that feeling great is within their reach. Patient consults are helpful in determining what you may expect as a new patient. To learn more, visit our new patient page.
What is it like to be a patient at True Health?
As a new patient, you come to us ready for change, motivated by the idea of new possibilities and possessing a desire to be involved in your health transformation. Your health really is our purpose. From the moment you begin treatment with us, you will notice some distinct differences in our operation. Being a patient here is about being recognized and acknowledged. Your intake is comprehensive as we want to know just as much about your biography as we do your biology. We take our time to get to know all about you to create a plan as unique and individual as you. We provide you with quick responses to your questions and needs and leave you feeling supported and nurtured through every step of the way.
How much does this whole thing cost?
When someone is setting up their initial appointment with Dr. Paulson, it is anticipated that their charges for their first visit will total between $300 and $700. These are estimates based on typical patient experiences. Variables for new patients would include supplements and lab orders. New patients are welcome to a complimentary consult with Jennifer Lutz to gain clarity on the new patient experience.

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