Your Health Is Our Purpose

Whether you’re the healthiest you’ve ever been or are looking to make some changes in that direction, True Health Naturopathic Medicine would love to join you on your journey.

We hope to inspire and lead you toward optimal health using food as medicine, lifestyle behavior modification, and natural medicine including targeted vitamin/mineral nutrition, herbal remedies and homeopathy.

We use a patient centered approach to achieve resolution and prevention of chronic lifestyle diseases.

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” Jim Rohn


Naturopathic Medicine
Clinical Nutrition
Lifestyle Medicine FirstLine Therapy®
Health Coaching

Personal Training
Detoxification Programs
Healthy Weight Loss Programs

Comprehensive Lab Testing
Massage Therapy
Christian Counseling

New!! Retail Store

True Health Naturopathic Medicine is proud to make available to the public top quality, professional nutritional supplements and self care products at our clinic location. You will have confidence in knowing the nutritional supplements you purchase here have been third party tested to guarantee that what’s on the label is what’s in the bottle to ensure ingredient safety and product potency.

No appointment necessary, just stop in and see if we have what you need. Knowledgeable staff is on hand to answer your health and supplement questions.

Products True Health Carries

Health Buzz

Where Are All of the Men At?

Men – WHERE ARE YOU? I’d estimate my patient base at 95% female and 5% male. Are all you men feeling so fantastic there’s no room for improvement? Are you afraid I’ll tell you to stop drinking beer? I’ll give you one great reason to come see me. Testosterone. Take...

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Happy Cells are Hydrated Cells

We know that drinking water is beneficial to our health and to our bodies. But do we know what happens when we are not getting in sufficient water? Learn more about how much water you should drinking and how to adjust for increased physical activity or need.

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Plants & Oils: Simple, Natural, Versatile

Preferring a simple life, I like to use things in my life that are functional and versatile. Thankfully, nature has provided us with many gifts that can benefit our health and life while preserving our natural environment. Keeping it simple, we’re going to talk my favorite oil and summertime blooms that embody duality and adaptability.

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Driving Directions

We are located on Highway #8 in St. Croix Falls between the Walmart and Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Coming from the East: Drive west on Highway #8, past Walmart on the north side, continue down the hill and turn left into our driveway that we share with Valley View Veterinary Hospital and Gateway Professional Plaza. Follow the driveway to your far right.

Coming from the West: Drive east on Highway #8 past the Kentucky Fried Chicken building on the south side and look for the next driveway on your right that we share with Valley View Veterinary Hospital and Gateway Professional Plaza. Follow the driveway to your far right.