Did you know that what we eat is the biggest cause of disease, disability, and death in the US today?

That statistic was shocking to me when I first read it, but when I took some time to think about it, I thought…. OF COURSE IT IS. In fact, 2 out of 3 Americans die each year from their eating habits!

You won’t convince me this is due to a lack of information. I bet you’ve already heard, “Eat fruits, vegetables and lean proteins,” and I bet most other people have too. So if we, the majority of American people, know WHAT we should be doing, WHY are we not doing it?

This paraphrased conversation came up recently on a trip to Florida. I was headed to the Sunshine State to co-teach with a team of other practitioners to a group of medical doctors. The topic – why medical doctors should be offering lifestyle medicine as a treatment modality for their patients with chronic lifestyle diseases such as obesity, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol or triglycerides, elevated blood sugar, type 2 Diabetes, cancer, etc. We were going to be teaching a program called FirstLine ™ Therapy.

Nice man meeting his children and grandchildren at Disney World: So I have some memory issues… what about Prevagen? (A supplement touted to help memory)

Me: Yeah, I’ve had a few patients try Prevagen and they thought it helped. But you know… I would never JUST recommend a nutritional supplement for memory – because the ROOT CAUSE is sugar.

Him: Sugar? What’s sugar got to do with the brain?

Me: Well Alzheimer’s – and I’d put in that category other types of dementia and memory challenges too – is now being termed “Type 3 Diabetes”. When your blood is swimming in a bath of sugar, it creates hard crunchy red blood cells that can’t nourish the brain as well and you lose brain function. You want to have a HgbA1C right around 5 %.( a lab marker that notes your average blood sugar – anything higher than 5% is not optimal).

Him: Mine is 6.8% (which is high) but I’m Norwegian – how could I give up my sweets? My sister makes the best fudge – it’s sooooooo good.

Me: But you won’t remember it anyway. (Insert slight laughter with the look and shoulder hunch that says, “True,” here)

Him: No… we don’t really eat a lot of sweets.

Me: Well it’s not just sweets. It’s grains like bread, crackers, cereals and muffins. It’s white potatoes. It’s sauces, dressing… sugar is in a LOT of things. You need to eat lots of low starch vegetables.

Him: Yeah, I know, I know.

And then I couldn’t have said it better… he turns to me and says, “We all know what we SHOULD be doing, but nobody’s DOING it”.

Then as I was getting off the plane, he was getting back on.

He forgot his luggage in the overhead bin.

I know you know what you should be doing – so here at True Health we are launching our 14-week FirstLine Therapy Lifestyle Medicine Program to help you do it. The program is designed as a treatment for individuals with obesity, cardiovascular concerns, and blood sugar concerns.

The focus of the program is treating the ROOT CAUSE of these diseases (the food we eat, physical inactivity, how life stress is managed) and the program goal is disease RESOLUTION.

Now disease resolution may not happen in a mere 14 weeks, but there should be significant enough change in your physiology to keep things going in the right direction. Because at the end of the “program” you still implement the healthy lifestyle behavior changes forever.

What does the program entail? A lot of great stuff! Which is why I can’t fit it all into this blog, but I will invite you to our FREE no obligation information night Thursday December 7th 6:30pm – 7:30pm right here in our back room at True Health Naturopathic Medicine. Now clearly, the month of Christmas is not the best time to sign up for 3 months of healthy lifestyle changes. But come hear what we have to say so you know what’s available to you when you are ready.

Know someone who’s dying to hear this information? Make sure you drag them along with you!

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