Have you ever thought about how what you eat makes you feel?

What happens to your energy levels, your mood, and your digestive process after consuming certain foods? Are these things that you notice often? Shortly after eating or a little while later?

Maybe you have questioned these things and maybe you haven’t. Up until a few years ago, I hadn’t really paid close attention to how my food was making me feel. But two detox programs later and it’s hard to ignore the correlations of what I eat to how my body is working.

I have been through two detox programs here at True Health. The first was with my husband, Wayne, and the second was in a group format with Dr. Tricia, Jenn and myself. With the first detox, Wayne and I lost a combined total of about 50 pounds. While that was an exciting change, it was additional things we experienced that made the program an enormous success.

We felt better!

There were certain things we previously thought we had to live with:

migraines, heartburn, hemorrhoids, post nasal drip, low energy and fatigue

We identified these symptoms as manageable, a part of getting older, and normally experienced (or expected) with aging. While many tolerate these conditions, we didn’t want to. But mainstream methods failed to really eliminate these concerns.

Since completing our two detox programs, we have felt great and eliminated our symptoms and feel better than we could have imagined. By nearly eliminating sugar, dairy, gluten, wheat and reducing carbohydrates in our diets, we gained health from the inside out!  (Side note: it’s bothersome to think that a healthy diet is not mainstream, but more about that later…)

I have recognized body awareness in the past, but more so after the first detox, which is why I pursued the second. I really wanted to engage my brain and heighten my experience of how foods make me feel by paying close attention during the last stage of the detox program which is recording how your body reacts when you bring certain foods back into your diet.

Here’s what I noticed. Breads, pasta, or anything with refined wheat or grains weighed me down. I felt more fatigued and had low energy after eating those types of foods.  Sugar – upset tummy.  Dairy – bloated.  I also felt bloated after too many complex carbs (from fruits and starchy veggies) and just had a feeling of “blah.”  Proteins, like lean animal proteins,  and water-filled, fibrous veggies on the other hand, highly energized me.  This was tremendously appreciated, especially on very long or active days throughout the week.

During the detox, I was surprised at how much food we could have – provided that we paid attention to the types of foods and how they were balanced in our diet.  It was more than what I was normally eating but I learned something very valuable. Despite eating lots of good for me foods, I wasn’t getting in enough protein.

Being the mindful gal I am, I know that as I get older lean body mass is so very important and harder to maintain.  If I didn’t get all my protein in, I could potentially lose lean mass and my goal is to maintain or increase it.  As an active outdoors woman and exercise and dance freak, I know that I want to move this body for years to come. I could not afford to lose muscle mass and wanted to know what I could do to increase it.

With that determined, I set out to find a protein shake that would work for my lifestyle. With Wayne’s and my personal preferences in mind, along with guidance from Dr. Tricia and Jenn, we found the perfect combination of shakes that work for us, our lifestyles, and our health goals.

Aside from protein, getting all my vegetables is equally important to me – as it should be to is all. My go-to for greens on the go is the chocolate Fruits & Greens by Nutri-Dyn. One scoop provides a super blend of 100% natural fruit and vegetable extracts, vitamins, enzymes, and symbiotic intestinal flora—high in antioxidants, lignans, and phytonutrients.  I add one scoop of this to my hot water in the morning and drink it with my breakfast like a hot chocolate.

The protein shakes, for the most part, are usually daily for us, but weekends sometimes get a little cray cray, and we may be travelling so we do our best to make honest, intentional food choices at home and when we are out.  The majority of the time, when we do make a food choice, we split the entrée – as restaurants serve so much food these days!    The Dynamic Fruits & Greens mix I make occasionally, but especially when I know for sure that I will not get all my veggies in that day.

To this day, we know when that post nasal drip happens (for me), or when the feeling of  a headache/heartburn (Wayne) is coming on, more often than not, it is a direct relation to what we ate and we instantly make that connection.

Because we don’t eat 100% protein and veggies all the time, we will still do a modified detox on our own, as needed.  And trust me, once you experience healthy eating, you know the difference and your body awareness of foods and how they affect your body will become intuitive. Trust your gut, literally and figuratively.