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Do You Have the Guts?

Our bodies are in a state of constant contact with our external environment. Our skin, which happens to be our largest organ, provides a barrier to the outside world and regulates our exposure to things like moisture, temperature, and UV rays. It also protects us...

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The Role of Naturopathic Medicine in Weight-Loss

“I feel congested like things are just stagnant in my body. And even though my eating habits really haven’t changed much, my weight is up about 8 pounds and it’s not budging.”  That was me on Monday morning.   It was time for me to be on the patient-side of the desk....

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Discipline, Integrity, and Discomfort

I set my alarm for 5:15 AM as I glanced over at my dresser to make sure that I had everything that I needed in the morning.   Check! It was all there.   My pants, socks, sports bra, long-sleeve shirt and quarter-zip pullover were neatly folded waiting to be put on for...

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Picking the Big Things First

“How important is it that I eat only organic vegetables? And what about chia seeds? I’ve heard that those are good for you. Oh, and what about bone broth?” These represent the types of questions that I hear while visiting with my inquisitive clients. I love these...

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The Place of In-between

The month of August has always felt a bit melancholy to me. Always a fan of school and the fall,  I relish the cooler days and the rhythm of life that September brings. But this year, after a major health scare, every day feels a bit more poignant if it isn't well...

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525,600 Minutes: A Season of Health

Recently on Facebook, I asked a question of my followers, "How many minutes per day do you use towards being healthy?" And while this online community is normally active, engaged, and vocal, there were two responses. One was a dear friend of mine that is super...

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What You CAN Do To Change Your Health

Did you know that what we eat is the biggest cause of disease, disability, and death in the US today? That statistic was shocking to me when I first read it, but when I took some time to think about it, I thought…. OF COURSE IT IS. In fact, 2 out of 3 Americans die...

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