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Eight Steps to Better Heart Health

In 2013, one of every three deaths in the United States was from heart disease, stroke or another cardiovascular disease. Worldwide, heart disease and stroke and the top two causes of death. - American Heart Association’s 2016 Heart Disease and Stroke Statistics...

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HealTHY Mind, HealTHY Body, HealTHY Spirit

Guest Blog by Barbara A. Luepke HealTHY Mind, HealTHY Body, HealTHY Spirit With these thoughts, I have gravitated toward asking myself: what practices can I put into place to nourish each of them?  Yes, PRACTICE.  Practice is the process you create and maintain to...

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Transformations at True Health

Hello Everyone! It is Jenn here and I wanted to share some exciting news. In the next coming months, I wanted to let you know of some subtle changes that you may be seeing either on our website or on our Facebook page. In life, we have those moments that are a...

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Immune Boosters for the “Cold Season”

It’s hard to ignore the signs of fall with a leaves changing here and there, Halloween decorations in the stores, and aisles of back-to-school supplies at Wal-Mart. Along with the cooler temps, high school football games, and the crunch of leaves under your feet, the...

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Need Something Fast to Bring to that Potluck?

  In full disclosure, I need to give all credit where credit is due. This recipe is straight from the webpage But it just sounds so yummy and so simple that I couldn't help to to share it with you. It's made up of a few ingredients and...

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A “Type-A” Thanksgiving

Sure, I’ll host Thanksgiving. Actually, saying it that way means that I was answering a question.  As in, “Will you host Thanksgiving?” And that’s not really how it went. It actually came out as, “Hey, I can host Thanksgiving.” I grew up in a small family where my...

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