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Detox State of Mind

For most people, the word “Detox” doesn’t exactly sound like a good time. But what if I told you that it can be? What if I told you that not only could you end up liking your detox but that it could change your life so much that you’d want to to do it again? Let me...

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TOXINS 101: What you NEED to Know

I’ve just returned from Chicago, which wrapped up my last presentation of my seminar “Whole Detox: How To Thrive In a Toxic World Through Diet And Lifestyle," which I co-taught with Dr. Deanna Minich, a PhD scientist, teacher and author of the book Whole Detox. I...

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Healthy Living is a Marathon – Not a Sprint

Declaring what you want is not quite the same as training for what you want. If a client were to enter my office and ask for help with proper training and nutrition for a marathon, the first thing I would want to know is their current level of running and training -...

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Fun Food Made Simple

Whenever I walk by Barbie's desk at lunchtime, I never know what I may find. Barbie does a great job of bringing a healthy light lunch and snack to work. What I love is that she keeps it simple yet innovative with a focus on flavor. Check out the gallery of the the...

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Did You Poop Today?

Did You Look At it? Well, you should have. Your poop can tell you a lot about the state of your digestive system.  What comes out of your body can tell us a lot about what is going on in your body. When we talk about the perfect poop, we call it a perfect “brown...

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Love on a Plate

Give. Receive. Share. Enjoy. Celebrate. Comfort. Heal. Nourish. These are all things that we do with food. And when we do them, we do them with love. Food is a source of connection. It is something that brings us together. We commune around a table, sharing our time,...

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Eight Steps to Better Heart Health

In 2013, one of every three deaths in the United States was from heart disease, stroke or another cardiovascular disease. Worldwide, heart disease and stroke and the top two causes of death. - American Heart Association’s 2016 Heart Disease and Stroke Statistics...

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HealTHY Mind, HealTHY Body, HealTHY Spirit

Guest Blog by Barbara A. Luepke HealTHY Mind, HealTHY Body, HealTHY Spirit With these thoughts, I have gravitated toward asking myself: what practices can I put into place to nourish each of them?  Yes, PRACTICE.  Practice is the process you create and maintain to...

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