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Stress-Be-Gone: New Product & New Connection

At True Health, we aim to provide you, our patients, with different modalities of care that allow for you to have a customized wellness experience. We knew when we met Rachel Boeving, founder of Poppy and the Olive Branch LLC, that her products would be a welcome...

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Where Are All of the Men At?

Men – WHERE ARE YOU? I’d estimate my patient base at 95% female and 5% male. Are all you men feeling so fantastic there’s no room for improvement? Are you afraid I’ll tell you to stop drinking beer? I’ll give you one great reason to come see me. Testosterone. Take...

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Happy Cells are Hydrated Cells

We know that drinking water is beneficial to our health and to our bodies. But do we know what happens when we are not getting in sufficient water? Learn more about how much water you should drinking and how to adjust for increased physical activity or need.

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Plants & Oils: Simple, Natural, Versatile

Preferring a simple life, I like to use things in my life that are functional and versatile. Thankfully, nature has provided us with many gifts that can benefit our health and life while preserving our natural environment. Keeping it simple, we’re going to talk my favorite oil and summertime blooms that embody duality and adaptability.

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There are No Ticks in Toronto

If you live in certain parts of North America, you may be all too familiar with that dreaded feeling when you find a tick on your body. Knowing what to do next can help quiet the panic with an action plan based on testing and treatment.

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Exercise: The Real Fountain of Youth

Aging. It’s something that we all aspire to do well. For most of us, we consider aging to be a passive thing; it just happens. But the good news is that there is another way. You can be actively involved in the process and positively impact the outcome. After all,...

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Belly Dance as Medicine

When you dance to your own rhythm, Life taps its toes to your beat… For those looking to add doable, healthy, fun exercises to your week, take a peek: I will be offering a “Belly Dance As Medicine” Class in the month of June, as this will be our month focusing on...

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