“We’ve traveled the world to learn from the planet’s healthiest people, and spoken to leading experts on longevity, all with one driving mission: to change the paradigm of health and to create a better future for us, our children, and for generations to come.”

This is an excerpt from The Human Longevity Filmwhich peaked my interest because who doesn’t want to learn about living longer and living better?

They state, ” It’s all about the quality of your years, not the number of years.” Sounds great right?! But how do we do this?

If you had to guess what the main staples were in those living vibrantly healthy long lives, what would you guess?

After watching the film, my guesses are a healthy diet, exercise, quality sleep, low stress, and a personal belief system. Perhaps I’m way off, but I think I’m right and logically, I think most people know this too. But if so many of us know this or at least multiple parts of this, why is it that 51.6% of the US adult population is living with at least one chronic disease WHEN WE ALL HAVE ACCESS TO THE CURE?

Perhaps it’s a lack of knowledge or a lack of clarity around the knowledge. Perhaps it’s a lack of motivation due to lots of life going on and not enough reserve to learn and implement something new. Perhaps people just need a plan – TELL ME WHAT TO DO! It might be all of the above.

That’s why at True Health Naturopathic Medicine we have created our First Line Therapy 12-week Lifestyle Medicine Program:

  • Delivering the secrets of health and longevity to you with clear knowledge
  • Helping you generate the motivation you need to get started
  • Co-creating personalized health plans to help you follow through

The First Line Therapy Program was created by Metagenics as a solution for doctors treating patients with chronic lifestyle diseases. The gist of the program is to use lifestyle medicine (diet, exercise, stress control…) as the first line of treatment for chronic diseases (obesity, cardiovascular concerns, diabetes…). I’ve had the privilege of teaching this program to other doctors as part of the First Line Therapy Teaching Team – spreading the word of a new way of doing 21st century medicine so doctors can offer their patients new choices, new hope, and better health outcomes – hopefully like those I’ll see in the Human Longevity Film!

How about participating in your own First Line Therapy Program? Interested? Give us a call for all the details! Because, “In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years” – Abraham Lincoln.