Give. Receive. Share. Enjoy. Celebrate. Comfort. Heal. Nourish.

These are all things that we do with food. And when we do them, we do them with love.

Food is a source of connection. It is something that brings us together. We commune around a table, sharing our time, our stories and our day.

Food is a way to love ourselves – to receive nutrients and energy, to fuel our cells and our bodies, and to quell hunger.

Food is something that we give to others when they are in a time of need.

Food is something that we use to celebrate.

Food has a language all its own that we begin to learn from a very young age.

To become connected to our food language, we want to connect to our feelings that we are experiencing when we eat. We often eat when we aren’t even hungry for food. So, if it’s not food that we are hungry for, what is it?

Could it be love?

Asking questions when you’re eating is an easy way to reflect on how you are nourishing yourself. Check in and reflect, “Am I hungry? Am I thirsty? Is it food that I need?”

If you can’t identify a food hunger, dig a little deeper.

“What is missing for me right now? What do I really wish I had?”

Learning to connect when you’re eating to how you’re feeling can empower you to make different choices. Choices that feed you in a different way. Choices that satisfy. Choices that nourish.

Remember food is love. But love is so many other things too.

Give. Receive. Share. Enjoy. Celebrate. Comfort. Heal. Nourish.