Sneezing, itchy watery eyes, runny nose… clearly your immune system is not happy about something in the environmet.

But things like trees, grass, ragweed, dust or pet dander are not harmful to us. So what’s the fuss? If EVERYONE was experience the same symptoms, we could assume it was the environment causing the reaction. But since seasonal allergies don’t strike everyone, let’s look at why you may be reacting.

Food sensitivities- Clinical practice has confirmed for me that underlying food sensitivities are associated with environmental allergies. Avoiding your food sensitivities for one year, which can easily be determined by a finger prick blood test, appears to have a major impact on rebalancing your immune system. So much so, that the following year, your seasonal allergies are much reduced or gone. It’s a long term plan, with long term results.

Dysbiosis- Another culprit that may be making your immune system overactive is dysbiosis. Participating in a 4 ‘R’ gut restoration program may be just what you need. (More on that here.) Why treat the gut to treat the immune system?  Because that’s where 60%-70% of your immune system is!

Since treating the gut and working at ridding your body of food sensitivities takes time, and the last things you want to do is wait for relief from your allergy symptoms, let’s talk about some things that you can do right NOW to breathe easy.

  1. Stabilize the histamine releasing mast cell. Less histamine = less symptoms.  Perrilla frutescens is unique herb that has been shown to do this.  I use the product Perimine by Metagenics two tablets twice a day.
  2. Cut down on inflammation. Sinuplex by Metagenics is another great product I use that contains anti-inflammatory herbs like Quercetin and Nettle along with Vitamin C, Bromelain and NAC that synergistically work well to block histamine’s effects before they start.
  3. Wash away the allergens.
    • A Sinus flush is helpful way to flush the allergen off the mucous membranes in your nose and sinuses to stop the reaction. Simply add ½ a teaspoon of sea salt to 8 ounces of warm filtered water in a neti pot, lean over the sink with your head tilted to one side and pour the solution into the nostril on top, then let it drain out. Repeat on the other side.
    • Eye drops can help with your itchy watery eyes that can get red and sore. Not only do they help flush the allergen off your eyeball, but using a homeopathic eye drop solution can also help with desensitization to the allergen.  Less watering!
  4. Avoid sugar. It lowers your immune activity and can contribute to inflammation and poor gut health.
  5. Spray your symptoms away. My last and absolute FAVORITE for managing allergy symptoms while you work on the underlying cause is SafeCare’s Allergies Great Lakes homeopathic spray. This is for environmental allergies common in the Great Lakes region of the USA. Since it’s a homeopathic, it’s safe for kids too! Simply spray  3 sprays in your mouth when you feel your allergy symptoms.  Most people feel relief from their symptoms in about 10 minutes.  Relief may last 2 hours or 2 days…regardless, when your symptoms return, simply spray again and turn your AH-CHOO’s into ahhhhh’s.