Spring 2016 Detox DatesJanuary is a great month for metabolic detoxification. But you can do yours in April for a good ol’ Spring Cleaning!

Every year, my husband Craig and I participate in a personalized version of a month-long metabolic detoxification program.  We typically do this in the month of January as it’s a good time to help break our food and drink cravings created from our Thanksgiving-through-Christmas holiday eating. We do this to gain the energy we need to get back to the gym and to implement our New Year’s resolutions (flossing daily makes the list every year).  We do this to give our adrenals (coffee) and digestive system (cheese) a time out to build up our reserves for optimal health and function. And all of this allows for our bodies to get reset back to their normal weight versus the post-holiday gain.

Here’s what we do. 

Week #1

  1. Measure how we ended the previous year with an in office, quick, painless test called a bioelectrical impedance analysis.  This tells us if we’ve gained body fat, lost muscle mass, and how “toxic” we are.
  2. Cut out the bad.  You know the list.  Sugar, caffeine, alcohol, bad fats, white rice/flour/potato, artificial anything (sugar, color, flavor), MSG – basically all processed foods.
  3. Put in the good.  Balanced amount of lean proteins, legumes, selective dairy, abundance of vegetables, fruits, grains (as in only one serving per day), good fats including nuts and seeds.
  4. Eat 5 mini meals per day.  Craig’s meals are larger than mine.
  5. Drink half of our body weight in pounds in ounces of water including herbal teas (non-caffeinated).
  6. Daily exercise.

Week #2

Energy is up, sleep is great, we’re over our caffeine withdrawal and carb cravings, losing fat, pooping daily.

  1. Cut out inflammatory foods.  Dairy, eggs, soy, gluten, peanuts, red meat (unless grass fed or wild game).
  2. Put in Ultra Clear Plus pH (UCP)– a medical food FDA approved for metabolic detoxification.  2 scoops twice a day.  Tastes great*!  Counts towards 2 of our 5 mini meals per day.  For short we call this medical food UCP.
  3. Drink half of our body weight in pounds in ounces of water including herbal teas (non-caffeinated).
  4. Daily exercise.

*taste is in the buds of the beholder.

Week #3

Feeling great!  Lots of energy, excellent sleep, clothes are fitting better and hey – there’s muscle under there!

  1. Cut out… food!  Each day, we replace one of our mini meals with an additional 2 scoops of UCP medical food.  Once we’re up to 5 servings of UCP (Craig has 7 – he’s bigger than me) with no solid food, we call this the “liquid fast” and we do this for THREE days.
  2. Put in… food!  After 3 days of the “liquid fast” we replace one UCP serving with actual food.  Lean proteins and vegetables.  Each day we take out an additional serving of UCP and add in a meal of more lean protein and vegetables we continue to do this over three days total until we’re back to what we were doing in week #2.
  3. Drink half of
    our body weight in pounds in ounces of water including herbal teas (non-caffeinated).
  4. Daily exercise, but a little less intensity.

Week #4

Health Haven.

  1. Cut out UCP.
  2. Put in foods that were eliminated in week #2.
  3. Drink half of our body weight in pounds in ounces of water including herbal teas (non-caffeinated).
  4. Daily exercise.
  5. Re-measure using the bioelectrical impedance analysis to see if we reached our goals – last year’s detox ending body fat percentage, muscle mass and healthy cells.
  6. Try to maintain as long as possible.
  7. Repeat week #1 through #4 next year.

My health is one of my highest life priorities.  I try my best to never take it for granted, but life can get busy and things can slip.  Even the important things.  I think of my annual detox as my “re-set” button.  By re-setting my body fat, muscle mass and cell health back every year to what it was the previous year post detox, I feel I’m making a proactive, responsible, contribution to my healthspan.   I don’t necessarily love doing the program… but I do love how accomplished and how good I feel after the program.  Craig and I completed our detox in February (just before Super Bowl as planned), but if this sounds like a program you would like to try, Spring is an excellent time to detox!

So this April, True Health is offering a “Spring Clean Your Body” group metabolic detoxification program .  Are you interested?  To learn more, visit Events & Groups for dates, times and locations. There will be 4 weekly sessions starting at the end of April running through the beginning of May.

We will also be holding an Intro Evening if you’d like to learn more through an in-person informational session. That will meet at 6:30PM on March 31st in the basement of the Taylors Falls Baptist Church located on 661 West Street in Taylors Falls, MN across the street from the elementary school.