SumIMG_0993mer is here, and seeing all the kids out enjoying their sports from soccer to baseball, I’m reminded of the importance of having a coach.  The role of the coach is diverse: instructor, assessor, friend, mentor, facilitator, demonstrator, adviser, supporter, problem solver, motivator, counselor, planner, and the Fountain of all Knowledge, and although you may not be player soccer or baseball this year, we could all use some coaching in our lives…especially our health.A coach can be instrumental in helping us change behaviors that then result in better health.  Research shows that:

  • 10% change comes from what we know -our knowledge.  I know I should exercise every day… I don’t always do it.
  • 20% change comes from evoking an emotional response – motivation.  Focusing on something we REALLY want appears to be far more motivational than focusing on what we don’t want – positive reinforcement.
  • 70% of successful behavior change comes from having a plan and continuously tweaking the environment to help you stick to that plan.

All of this takes more than just advice.  It takes a coach.  I’ve realized over the years that this was the missing link to my meal “plans”.  They contained the knowledge, and specifics, but not the coaching aspect of it; how do I motivate and inspire people to stick to the plan?  How do I help people overcome barriers that block or derail our best intentions (stress, lack of time, cooking for the family, etc)?  How can I better share the physiology, psychology and emotion behind behavior change?

I am so excited to have Jenn to fill this missing link.  With her natural ability to connect, understand and support people, coupled with her recent graduation from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching Program (congratulations, Jenn!), she now has a tool box full of ideas, experiences, knowledge, approaches and problem-solving skills to service you as a health coach. We are now offering health coaching as a stand-alone service for those wanting to reach their health “destination post card” (more energy, sleeping great, pooping every day, pain free, perfect lab results…), but struggling against barriers to get there.  Over the six-month program, Jenn will work with you by providing knowledge, motivation and a plan – helping you tweak your environment to maximize success, while encouraging, inspiring, and cheering you on to coach you towards your health haven.

If I know one thing to be true – it’s that there is no amount of nutritional supplements that can undo a poor diet.  The road to optimal health starts with food first, and the supplements are there to simply speed up and optimize the healthy outcomes.  Coaching can help you stick to that plan, until it becomes habit and for life.  For more information,  visit our programs page.