insights-logoHello Everyone! It is Jenn here and I wanted to share some exciting news. In the next coming months, I wanted to let you know of some subtle changes that you may be seeing either on our website or on our Facebook page. In life, we have those moments that are a game-changer. The day that I met Dr. Paulson was one of mine. I have never met someone before that really wants the best for every person that they know. Whether a patient, friend or family member, she gives her time and attention to others so that they can live a life they love.  Because of her, I have been able to grow both professionally and personally. This is a gift for which I will forever be grateful.

Now, before you think that I am going anywhere, I am not (yet). I am in the beginning stages of establishing my own practice as Insights Health Coaching. Having worked with exclusively small businesses over the last 10-years, my entrepreneurial fire has been stoked and I can’t put it out! I love working with all of you and hope to make many new connections in the years to come.

This expansion of my vision for myself and my career means that there will be a greater emphasis on the health coaching and lifestyle education services that are provided here at True Health. You may see my logo pop up in different places like on our website and on some paperwork. In the future, there may be some additional changes to billing and the like – but for now, everything else stays the same. I invite you to like my new Facebook page. Be prepared for a lot of the same information as on the True Health page as there will be some initial overlap. My webpage is also in creation and close to completion so watch for that to be shared soon as well.

Here’s to an exciting time and to growing!