This time of year, many of us are naturally increasing our physical activity. Whether it’s through leisure sports such as golfing, hiking, kayaking, and biking or through outdoor activities like gardening and landscaping, our bodies are moving more than they were during the winter months.

With increased physical activity may come some increased physical pain. How many times have you caught yourself saying, “Yep, really going to feel that tomorrow!” And then sure enough, you awake with stiffness and pain in an overworked area.

The good news is that instead of reaching for the OTC pain reliever, there are somethings that you can do both when the pain strikes and preventatively.

Here are my top 6 things to help with tissue repair and regeneration.

  1. Follow an anti-inflammatory diet with adequate protein. By excluding inflammatory foods such as trans and some saturated fats, simple carbohydrates, foods high in arachidonic acid and potential food sensitivities, you can decrease systemic inflammation and promote healing.
  2. Balance your omega 6 fats with omega 3 fats to a ratio of 1:1. Don’t like fish? You can simply supplement with fish oils – OmegaGenics 1000 ® by Metagenics. Take 2 twice per day.
  3. Use an herbal combination to combat inflammation like Herbal Eze – an all-natural dietary supplement formulated with highly-potent, patented extracts of ginger root, turmeric root, Boswellia gum, and black pepper fruit. Take 3 twice a day between meals.
  4. Body work. This includes massage, soft tissue work, chiropractic care, physical therapy…
  5. Ice or heat therapy may be helpful, depending on your injury. Talk with a musculoskeletal specialist to know which would work best for you.
  6. Nutrients that support connective tissue.
    • For best tissue repair, try a comprehensive proprietary blend of like those found in Collagenics®, a product from Metagenics. Take 3 twice a day to enhance biochemical process that support health connective tissue present in the skin, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, joints and bone.
    • For joint relief try Osteovantiv®, also from Metagenics. Want healthy cartilage? Eat cartilage! Take 1 twice a day with food.
    • Need a little of everything? Try our Injury Rehab Packets or Surgical Support Formula.  Formulated to provide a full array of nutrients that replenish and optimize nutrient stores supporting the increased metabolic demands from injury or trauma.

What we put into our body influences our internal environment. Food and nutrition is information. Good information = good results. Bad information = bad results. In 1977, a developmental biologist named Bruce Lipton wrote a paper at the University of Wisconsin describing his observations of environmental influence on stem cells. “I realized that if I changed the environment that these cells were in, I could turn the cells into bone. And if I changed the environment a bit more, they would form fat cells.”

Want to change your health? Change your environment – both inside and out.