Wellness Programs at True Health Naturopathic Medicine

When it comes to feeling your best, the choices you make in your daily life have the ability to influence your health. From moving, eating, sleeping, stressing, eliminating and renewing – all of these things combined contribute to your lifestyle.

At True Health, we embrace the principle of the naturopathic medicine doctor as a teacher.  Our patients are often guided through personalized lifestyle-change programs that teach the foundation of healthy eating, exercise,  and holistic living.

There are several types of programs to choose from whether you are looking for a more clinical approach to aid in the prevention and care of a chronic illness to weight-loss, detoxification, gut restoration, or conquering the dieting roller coaster – there’s something out there for everyone. And if a certain program doesn’t seem to fit, all of our offerings are customizable to meet you where you’re at.

FirstLine Therapy™ Program

When it comes positively influencing your health, the things you do on a daily basis are the things that matter most. Every day we are faced with a series of choices that contribute to the overall expression of our health. At True Health, we offer personalized lifestyle medicine education with a clinical touch through the delivery of the FirstLine Therapy Programs. These 14-week programs combine naturopathic medicine care with Lifestyle Education to provide you with the foundation for living your best. These programs are well-suited for those seeking a long-term plan to aid in the prevention and care of chronic illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, fibromyalgia, inflammatory bowel diseases, and chronic fatigue.


TransFOURmations Wellness Program

While there are no “quick fixes,” the TransFOURmation program can you provide you with a healthy approach to jump-starting your wellness. The TransFOURmation program is led by Jennifer Lutz, our Lifestyle Educator and Health Coach, over the course of four weeks. During your program, you are able to balance your blood sugar, eliminate foods that can be sabotaging your energy and health, cleanse your body through a gentle detox, and create a platform for sustainable success.

This program is $400 and includes 4 60-minute sessions, 2 BIA body composition tests, materials, and the supplements needed to complete the 4-week program. If you are interested, contact Jenn by calling (715)483-1315 or emailing jenn@truehealthnm.com.

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ClearChange® Detox Programs: 10-Day, 28-Day, and Group Format

Sometimes, we need to hit the reset button. Participating in a detox program is an effective way that many of our patients utilize as a way to gain back energy, mental clarity, restful sleep, and freedom around food. Our ClearChange® programs are physician supervised and are centered around specialized nutrition and supplementation that guide you through a program length of your choice or based on our recommendation. The ClearChange® program is largely based on eating whole, real foods that have been customized into a personalized food plan enhanced by the incorporation of specialized nutrition that support a healthy, gentle detox. There are no laxatives, stimulants or periods of starvation to endure – just healthy eating coupled with clinically supported detoxification.

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