If you haven’t heard the story before about how I started my career with Dr. Paulson, we started our work together as a patient and client because quite frankly, I was a hot mess.

And honestly, if our meeting hadn’t been so serendipitous, I don’t know if I would have ever sought out naturopathic medicine. We met because she had her practice on the same floor of the chiropractic office that I was working in. She had an upcoming  lifestyle change program and knew that I liked to play around with marketing stuff – making brochures and that type of thing – and wanted to know if I would be interested in assisting with helping out with the program in exchange for the chance to participate. I was intrigued, already thought Trish was pretty great, and so what the heck!

Before the program started, she offered me a consultation to see if there was anything else I would like to work on before the official start of the program. Always one to perk up a little when the universe is sending stuff my way, I said, “Sure!” and set up a time to talk.

Whoa, whoa, whoa! What happened in that appointment was literally life changing and set me on a trajectory to health where before I had felt like I was surrendering to always feeling sick.

I was suffering from was IBS and internet searches always left me feeling frustrated with sparse recommendations to drink peppermint tea and to avoid spicy and greasy foods. Perpetual stomach upset, nausea (which contributed to insomnia and vice versa), and diarrhea led to a comforting diet of carbohydrates marked with coffee and soda for energy, which otherwise felt depleted.

Growing up, my mom had upset stomachs – a lot. “Honey, can you grab me a few Tums, a diet Pepsi, and rub my back for a little bit?” was something I heard quite often. When my own upset stomachs became more frequent, very little was done to find a solution.

Here’s the rub.

This was when I was actively personal training and was very much connected to what a healthy lifestyle looked like. I knew that a healthy diet meant a healthy body – but healthy food had no appeal. Healthy food often lead to more nausea. And in being 100% honest – I had not eaten a very healthy diet for a long stretch. Dieting looked like caloric restriction instead of colorful, phytonutrient rich veggies and fruits. Water was not my beverage of choice. And I thought granola bars where healthy.

I was like one of the billions of people out there (yes, really – that many) that kinda knew what to do but wasn’t doing it.

What I needed was a major lifestyle overhaul – the kind that impacts you to the point where once you have new knowledge and experiences that going back is not an option. And that is precisely what I got.

Dr. Paulson was able to share so much insight in those first few appointments. When someone can explain how you feel better than you can, you know that they get it. Years of antibiotics, high stress, poor eating and other variables left me with a pretty dysfunctional GI system. The plan was to work on restoring function with some supplements BUT the major component of what needed to change was my diet. Uh oh.

Major intervention. Enter the millionaire diet. Good-bye processed foods, sugar and the dollar menu. It was time to start eating like a millionaire to feel like a million bucks. We righted the “wrongs” in my gut and then I started eating healthy food almost all of the time; after all, I’m human.

The health transformation that followed this intervention was when I knew that I needed to add functional medicine health coaching (using food to heal or ease the dysfunction in your body) to what I was offering to others. And the rest is history.

One of the things that I share with my clients and prospective patients of the clinic is the notion that you don’t know what you don’t know. I knew about healthy eating, but I had no idea about how much your food affects your health.

Food is information.

Every time you ingest food, it sets off a cascade of messages in your body that impact just about every aspect of your physical health. If someone had told me that five years ago, I would have shaken my head in disbelief. I mean, I would have agreed that healthy food is important, but I would have not agreed with either how important or how impactful it is.

Fast forward five years to today and now I can’t emphasize enough how important food is. To me, it’s like the most important thing. Our health is an expression of the life that we live. The action that we take the most in our lives regarding our health is what we put in our mouths.

I could go on and on. This could easily expand into a book about how to implement lifestyle change and what it all looks like. But since I’ve not yet written that book, let’s talk about what you can do right now.

True Health always offers lifestyle education and coaching as a part of its services. We have a variety of different programs to pick from that range from 10 days to 14 weeks. We offer:

FirstLine Therapy – a 14 week long program for those that want to resolve chronic lifestyle illness and diseases. This is a comprehensive A-to-Z type of program that touches upon the various aspects of our lives that influence our health.

ClearChange Detox 10-day or 28-day – Out with the old and in the with the new! If you have been feeling less than great and are in overall good health, this may be a good place to start. These are easy to implement programs for those that have done a detox with us before.

TransFOURmation Program – This 4-week program combines the science of our ClearChange programs with the soul of health coaching. I personally created this program to connect with my clients in a 4-week format that allows for them to see health change and weight loss while pulling together a little bit of this and little bit of that from my health coaching, personal training and lifestyle education experiences.

One-on-one coaching sans program – You don’t need to be enrolled in a program for health coaching. It is always available to those looking for support. Quick reflection to share here on asking for help. This morning, while meeting with a client, I used the analogy of the person that declares that they’ll go back to the gym once they lose 10 pounds (insert head scratch here). I totally get it. We are not a society that likes to ask for help and often, we feel that we must put our best foot forward. I don’t want your best foot. I want your less than best foot.

Personal Training – We have created a fitness room here for you to be able to receive guidance and pointers on how to safely create and effective routine that you can complete in the privacy of your own home. Let’s connect on principles of exercise that can help you to achieve restorative movement and strength.

Not looking for coaching or a program? How about an event? There are two upcoming opportunities for you to learn more about your health and what you can do to prevent and reverse chronic lifestyle illness and disease.

The first is Your Health. Your Hands.  This workshop connects you with a deeper level of understanding when it comes to your labs, your body and your health.You can learn more about this half-day workshop by visiting the Eventbrite page or Facebook.

The second is an intro to the FirstLine Therapy program. Learn more about how therapeutic lifestyle change is and how it can be implemented to prevent and treat chronic disease. Learn more about that event on our webpage or on Facebook.