Fertility / Sexual Dysfunction – Male and Female

10-15% of couples experience the inability to conceive, and the percentage is growing. Men account for 40% of failures to conceive. Of the women who are responsible, failure to ovulate accounts for 30% of infertility problems; pelvic factors (such as tubal disease and endometriosis) account for 50%; cervical pathology is responsible 10% of the time; and in 10-20% of the women no reason is found. Contributing factors include — Female: Poor diet, too low or too high body fat, increased caffeine consumption, increased alcohol consumption, nutrient deficiency of the following: vitamin C, zinc, B12, folic acid (especially is they have the MTHFR genetic SNP which is easily tested), selenium, and iron, endometriosis, tubal obstructions, immunologic problems, polycystic ovary syndrome, Infertility — Male Poor diet, increased alcohol consumption, aflatoxin in semen, impotence, exposure to environmental (estrogen-mimic) chemicals, exposure to radiation (i.e., 1986 Chernobyl Power Station accident in the Ukraine), oxidative stress, exposure to organic solvents, exposure to toxic metals (i.e., lead, mercury), nutrient deficiency of the following: vitamin C, zinc, copper, B12, selenium, L-arginine, glutathione, carnitine.
Impotence — Male • Poor diet • Thyroid disease• Atherosclerosis • Low testosterone •Prescription drugs • Prostate disorders• Alcohol • Peyronies disease• Tobacco • Decreased HDL ratio• Diabetes • Bicyclists (bicycle seat blockage of penile artery).

Naturopathic Approach

A naturopathic approach to treating someone with having difficulty conceiving or sexual dysfunction requires a multifactorial approach. First, time needs to be spent investigating what may be the underlying cause(s) to the dysfunction, and in some cases, the list can be long. Once the list is determined, an individualized plan must be created to address all of the underlying causes all at the same time in both partners for a successful conception. Strict focus is placed on lifestyle changes, which takes much effort, time and participation for both individuals.