A superficial vesiculopustular skin infection mainly seen in children. Also called “impetigo contagiosa” and “ecthyma” (when the impetigo is ulcerative). The associated microorganism is primarily Group A beta-hemolytic streptococcus, although staph aureus is being implicated in a growing number of cases (in the past staph was limited to only bullous impetigo). Impetigo is primarily seen in children under 5 years old, and appears on exposed areas like the lower legs, arms or face. The infection may follow trauma to the skin, scabies, insect bites, fungal infections, fleas, various kinds of dermatitis, or may just appear on normal skin.

Naturopathic Approach

A naturopathic approach to treating someone with skin issues, regardless of the skin issue is usually very similar since we know that what is going on outside the skin is a direct reflection of what is going on inside the intestines. Therefore, although the exact protocol with certainly depend on the individual, a 4 ‘R’ gut restoration program as described in the gastrointestinal section is most commonly prescribed. Some skin conditions are more immune system realted like Impetigo and scleroderma in which case an approach similar to that in the autoimmune/infection section may be prescribed. Listed below are some specific details in regards to some of the more common skin issues I see at the clinic, however, this is by no means a complete list of all of the skin conditions I have seen people with.