Liver / Gallbladder

Hepatopathy: any disease of the liver.

Hepatotoxin: a toxin that destroys liver cells.

Liver health is easily tested through various blood tests including AST, ALT (liver enzymes) and GGT an enzyme that tells the liver to produce more glutathione in times of need. “Toxicity” is generally more of a functional issues and shows up as chemical sensitivity, fatigue, chronic aches and pains, brain fog, fluid retention, headaches (think “hung over”).

Cholestasis: stoppage or suppression of bile flow, due to factors within (intrahepatic cholestasis) or outside the liver (extrahepatic cholestasis). Symptoms include: intolerance to greasy foods; headaches after eating; light colored stool; foul smelling stool; less than one bowel movement daily; constipation; hard stool; sour taste in mouth; grey colored skin; yellow in whites of eyes; bad breath; body odor; fatigue and sleepiness after eating; pain in right side under rib cage;

painful to pass stool; retain water; big toe painful; pain radiates along outside of leg; dry skin/hair; blood in stool; have had jaundice or hepatitis; high blood cholesterol and low HDL cholesterol; cholesterol level above 200; triglyceride level above 115.

Naturopathic Approach

A naturopathic approach to treating someone with liver or gallbladder concerns involves lifestyle changes towards a low glycemic, anti-inflammatory meal plan and a low toxicity environment. Using natural soaps, cleaners, avoiding fragrances, foods highly sprayed with pesticides. Clinical nutrition may be prescribed to help put health back into the liver, support optimal bile production, help “thin out” the gunky bile (think Drano, but a health kind) and help break down fats easily.