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INSIGHTS Wellness Company
In additional to the Health Coaching services offered at True Health Naturopathic Medicine, INSIGHTS offer additional services and hours with Jennifer Lutz. For more information, go to

Massage Therapy and Body Work
We are very pleased to welcome Lisa Kaul-Bjornson to True Health. Lisa is a Practitioner of Body Healing Arts and the founder of Kairos Center for Well-Being, Kairos Equestrian Center and the Divine Rodeo ™. She brings together her background in the arts, wellness education, and her experience and passion for horses in her work at KAIROS. For more information on Lisa and her practice, visit her webpage for Kairos Center.

Thousands of people in the United States have taken advantage of Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging. (DITI) DITI detects heat to measure the physiological activity in your body. This clinical test is supported by 30 years of research and over 8000 published medical studies. This procedure takes less than 20 minutes, requires no physical contact, is 100% safe with no radiation and is FDA approved.

Medical DITI is a non-invasive, safe, diagnostic tool that pictures and analyzes changes in the skin’s surface temperature without the use of radiation. While X-rays, ultrasound, and mammography show us the structure of the body, they will miss such things as active inflammation and increased blood supply as found in many illnesses. DITI is a unique technology that takes a picture and creates a map of the infrared patterns of the body. It is different from other screening tools because it helps you to see how your body functions.

DITI is now available to people in the area who want access to the earliest, safest, and most comfortable screening that technology offers without sacrificing effectiveness. An infrared scanning device is used to convert infrared imaging from the skin surface into electrical impulses that are shown in color on a monitor.

This visual image maps the body temperature and is referred to as a thermogram. The spectrum of colors indicates an increase or decrease in the amount of heat being emitted from the body surface. Since there is a high degree of thermal symmetry in the normal body, subtle abnormal temperature differences are easily identified. Medical DITI is highly sensitive to variations in the vascular, muscular, neural, and skeletal systems and can contribute invaluable information to a diagnosis made by a physician.

For more information on thermography, please visit the website True Health hosts thermography appointments on a quarterly basis.

Fees vary depending on the areas imaged and range between $185 – $409.

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