Health Coaching

Discovering Why You Can’t Lose Weight

You know what I think about the notion of eating less and exercising more to lose weight? It’s spot on! But it’s also really freaking hard to do. And sometimes, your body, mind or spirit isn’t ready for either one of those things. In your heart, you accept these simple truths of what to do yet time and time again you just can’t to do them. But do you ever ask why?

I ask why all of the time. And I will ask the same of you.

If I had to boil down what I do with you as my client to one simple thing, I would say that I ask intuitive questions. What I don’t do is just give you answers and tell you what to do. Why? Because you have all of the answers that you need right inside of you. Sometimes you just need help in discovering them.

Once you begin to understand more about how you’re being held back, I will help you explore how you can begin to move forward. I can help you better understand how you’re being stopped. As a health coach with knowledge and awareness of naturopathic and functional medicine, I can offer valuable insights into areas that may not have been previously considered. We’ll look at how influential lifestyle factors like stress, sleep and finances influence your health. We’ll talk physical fitness and food. And we’ll explore valuable relationships with yourself, your friends and your family. All of these factors influence your overall well-being.

This is all available to you in a 30-day program offering.

Insights is a 30-day program with four weekly one-hour sessions and some “heart-work” in between. 

Become empowered. In our time together, you will fully explore what you’ve done and tried before and why it hasn’t worked. Using these discoveries, we will work together to develop a plan of actionable steps to try out. Some may work and some may not. And if they don’t, we’ll talk about why and come up with a new plan.

You don’t get stuck because you don’t know what to do. You get stopped because it gets too hard.

Listen, one of the mistakes that we all make from time to time is that we set the bar too high. Our expectations of ourselves, whether too high or too low, lead to upsets and feelings of failure. I’m not promising any one thing in particular. Will you lose weight? Maybe. Will you be happier at the end of the program? Maybe. Will you know more about yourself and where you get stopped? Yes. And I’ll make sure to help you figure out what to do with what you’ve learned. I won’t leave you hanging.

Now…about my style. You could call it tough love. But that insinuates that I’m mean. And I’m anything but. My calling is love. And it is my job to help guide you on the path of loving yourself and your life. Will I ask hard questions? You bet. Will you cry? Probably. Will I cry with you? Count on it.

Are you the kind of client that I love to work with?

It’s all about how you show up and what you’re willing to do that sets you apart. You’re fully invested. Brave and vulnerable. It’s what makes you easy to work with and also allows for you to have the most success in your health transformation.

30 Day Health Coaching Program

You Get:

  • Four one-hour coaching sessions either in person or via Skype that take place over 30 days
  • Email support throughout your 30-day program
  • Personalized food and menu guides
  • Movement and fitness recommendations
  • One complimentary book selected just for you by our third session together or one in-person personal training session
  • My fullest support and cheerleading with the occasional aforementioned “tough love”

Program investment is $300 due in full by the first session.

For more details, call me at True Health Naturopathic Medicine at (715)483-1315 or email me at

Six-Month Health Coaching Program

With Jennifer Lutz, Certified Lifestyle Educator, Health Coach & Personal Trainer

If you are craving guidance in making gradual transitions to a healthful way of living, the health coaching program may be a good fit for you. By engaging in an environment that is nurturing and gentle, you are able to explore your connection to yourself, your life, and your health in a way that may have felt too overwhelming in the past. By exploring all of these connections and synchronicities, you are able to identify the constraints of the past that have guided and dictated your actions and beliefs around what is available for you in your life and in your health. New possibilities are created in creating lasting and sustainable lifestyle changes that allow for you to embrace and experience True Health.

Are you…

  • Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired
  • Overwhelmed and misled by diet trends and fads
  • Aware of your desire to change but lack a doable, long-term plan
  • Tired of beating up on yourself for not succeeding with your past wellness plans
  • Disconnected or unaware of what you really want out of life – your “true” craving

Together, you and I create an action plan designed to elicit feelings of encouragement and success rather than fears of failure, shame or guilt. Much of this is done by asking and answering the question, “What do you really want?” In answering this question with honesty and sincerity, and answering it in a big, bold way where the possibilities are limitless, you get ultra-connected to what is missing for you, what you already have, and how to craft a plan that allows for you to experience abundance.

Working with me, you will feel:

  • A renewed sense of possibility
  • Connected and inspired
  • Healthy and energized

If you are excited by the possibility of living a balanced life, free of cravings, full of love and nourishment, then schedule an Insight Session with me right now before you go down the internet rabbit hole. Call True Health at 715-483-1315 or email me at You and I will have a conversation in which we explore how I can help you reach your True Health potential. Plus, you’ll receive a few instantly implementable ideas to get you started. At the end of our session, we will explore further possibilities in working together in either the format of a structured program or when you feel that you need that extra TLC. I look forward to helping you discover your True Health potential.

Rates for the Six-Month Health Coaching Program start from $750 per series. Questions call 715-483-1315 or email.