Lifestyle Educator

Taking pharmaceutical drugs is quite easy. 1, 2 maybe 4 pills a day. Taking supplements... pretty doable too. Diet and lifestyle changes... now that's the tough part AND the most important part of your treatment plan. We know that merely suggesting to you at the end of a visit what you should do (eat healthier, exercise, lose weight, blah, blah), is not helpful. We all know what we should be doing. So we don't should all over you. Instead we lead you, via education, motivation, and ensure every patient leaves our office with a very clear, doable, personalized diet and lifestyle plan that we co-create with you!

Personalization is the key to why what we do works. Keto? Paleo? Vegan? Lectin free? Autophage? Confused about what the best eating style is for you? We got you. Through lab interpretation and detailed patient evaluation we'll suggest what eating style will work best for you. We take all of this information and co-create with you an eating plan that you feel confident is doable and practical for your life. No plan is the same since no body is the same and you always have a say. Everyone ends the appointment with a food list (look at all the food you CAN eat!) and a personalized menu plan, so come the next day you know exactly what to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. If you're struggling, we'll coach you through solutions to your challenges. You don't have to be 100%, 100% of the time (we haven't met anyone yet who is). Even small changes over a long period of time can result in huge health gains. We'll stick with you on your lifestyle medicine plan, which as the name suggests... is for life.

Initial Visit: Scheduled for One Hour

$1 per minute = $60 per hour
This is where the dietary recommendations are explained and menu plans are co-created between you and the Lifestyle Educator. This initial appointment includes a review of your Lifestyle Questionnaire, Body Composition results, and you leave with a personalized food list and menu plan to get you started on your road to health. We bill on a per minute basis at $1 per minute so if your visit only takes 45 minutes, your investment is $45.

Follow-up Visits: Scheduled for 30 Minutes

$1 per minute = $30 per half hour
Lifestyle changes can be challenging, so checking in with your lifestyle educator can help keep you on track. Follow up visits include measuring body composition changes and making tweaks to your food list and menu plan to help you stay on track and reach your health goals.

Body Composition Testing = $25