Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic medicine is a distinct field within medicine that specializes in treating the whole body.

Naturopathic medicine addresses the underlying causes of symptoms and disease by putting health back into the body allowing the body to return to a state of true health via a combination of modalities including:

  • Nutritional and Lifestyle Modification
  • Botanical Medicine
  • Homeopathy
  • Physical Medicine
  • Counseling and Stress Management
  • Individualize clinical nutrition (vitamin, mineral, glandular supplementation)

We do not simply swap out pharmaceutical agents for “natural agents” trying to manage symptoms or dysfunctions, but strive for complete disease resolution. Treatment focuses on the individual person, not the disease so every “protocol” is specific to the person. The patient plays an active role in their health care and is expected to make the necessary changes to accomplish their return to health. Strict emphasis is on behavior change which focuses on lifestyle modifications including diet, exercise, stress management and sleep quality. When naturopathic functional medicine is prescribed, the side effects are benefits seen as part of the outcome ie: while implementing a protocol with focus on lowering your cholesterol, your body fat percentage decreases and your blood pressure goes down!

There are six principles that create the foundation of our philosophy and guide the naturopathic approach to health and healing.

  1. Harness the Healing Power of Nature Naturopathic medicine harnesses the vast potential of nature’s medicines to stimulate your inherent healing power.
  2. First Do No Harm Naturopathic Doctors choose remedies and therapies that are safe and effective.
  3. Identify and Treat the Cause The primary goal is to identify and treat the underlying causes of your condition, not simply manage symptoms.
  4. Treat the Whole Person Naturopathic Doctors have a vast understanding of how the physiology of the body works and why the body may be presenting with specific symptoms or diseases given the environment it has been in. Through this understanding an individualized treatment plan can be implemented to reverse the physiological changes that have occurred allowing the body to return to a state of health.
  5. Educate Naturopathic Doctors educate you about your health and empower you with the tools to live in balance and to become a good steward of your own health.
  6. Prevention Naturopathic Doctors emphasize the prevention of disease – assessing your risk factors, heredity and susceptibility to disease and making appropriate interventions in partnership with you to prevent illness.

Initial Visit: Scheduled for One Hour $3 per minute = $180 per hour
This appointment will include an extensive health history and an in-depth interview of your current symptoms and health concerns. A symptom-oriented physical exam may be conducted if necessary. Laboratory testing may be recommended if further investigation is required. You will receive a personalize treatment plan that may consistent of a variety of natural medicine supplements including vitamins, minerals, herbal supplements, homeopathic remedies and/or physical modalities to implement. Dietary changes are almost always recommended and you will meet with Jenn Lutz, our Lifestyle Educator to review and help you implement these changes.

We bill on a per minute basis at $3 per minute, so if your visit only takes 45 minutes, your investment is $135.

Follow-up Visits: Scheduled for 30 Minutes

$3 per minute = $90 per half hour
Dr. Paulson will review labs and any additional information with you. She will review and modify your progress, make modifications and/or suggest additional treatment recommendations. We bill on a per minute basis, so if your appointment only takes 20 minutes, your investment is $60.

Phone and Virtual Visits: 15 Minutes to One Hour
Phone and virtual visits are available to everyone – whether you live 5 minutes away or 5 hours away, whether you are a new patient scheduling an initial visit, or an existing patient scheduling a follow-up visit. Our rates are the same as an office visit – $3 per minute, and it saves you the drive in!

Free 10 minute consultations:

If you’re not quite sure naturopathic medicine is for you given your health concerns, we offer free 10 minute phone consultations with Dr. Paulson. This time allows you to describe your health concerns and hear natural medicine options that are available to you. Give Jenn a call at 715-483-1315 for more detailed information. If after speaking to her you still have questions, she will be sure to set you up with a free 10 minute consultation with Dr. Paulson.

Comprehensive Laboratory Testing: Fees vary – we offer cash labs for cost effectiveness. Depending on your HSA/FLEX plan, these may be reimbursed
• Blood, urine and saliva tests, and fecal cultures
• Comprehensive Digestive System testing including Microbiolgoy/Candida, Parasitology, Leaky Gut, SIBO, Digestion/Absorption Analysis
• Comprehensive laboratory evaluation of cardiovascular risk

  • Comprehensive blood sugar risk (Diabetes, insulin resistance, hypoglycemia assessments)
    • Hormone testing including comprehensive thyroid, male and female sex hormones, adrenal health assessments
    • Food sensitivity testing
    • Neurotransmitter/amino acid testing
    • Genetic testing
    • Micronutrient testing
    Lyme Disease & co-infection testing