Personal Training

We value the importance of Living a Well-Balanced Life

To help you achieve a well-balanced life, we have added personal training to our list of services. Jennifer Lutz, in addition to being our Lifestyle Educator and Health Coach, adds her experience as an ACE-certified Personal Trainer of 10 years to compliment your wellness plan. Our facility is equipped with modest equipment that is available for local purchase at a low expense. This would enable you to replicate the exercises that have been recommended in an easy, convenient, and cost-effective way.

Jenn focuses her sessions with you on incorporating physical activities that are helpful for you to regain strength, endurance, balance and flexibility. The old adage of, “If you don’t use it, you lose it, “certainly carries a lot of truth when applied towards physical fitness. In working with Jenn, you can establish an exercise plan that enhances your mobility while performing activities of daily living.

Let’s say that you want to raise the bar and aim for something higher… she can help you with that too. If you have a 5K in your future, a desire to increase strength for skiing, or have that European vacation booked with some hiking in your future, Jenn can help you reach your goals with an easy to incorporate program.

Fees: $60 per hour

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