New Patient Information

We know how challenging it can be to find a new doctor. You want someone who is your advocate. Someone who is an expert in diagnosing diseases and in facilitating healthy living. Someone who isolates causes and offers solutions. Someone who will work with you to help you reach your own personal optimal health.

Our only focus is your experience during each visit. We want you to feel comfortable, at ease and content in the knowledge that we are looking out for you.

At True Health, we offer in office, phone and virtual visits depending on your needs. Intake forms are available to you on line, by fax, or by e-mail or mail for you to fill out prior to a visit and bring with you, or you are welcome to come to the clinic 15 minutes prior to your appointment and fill them out here. You can print off our intake forms on this page. You can also see our appointment schedule online by clicking the button below.

Your First Visit

When you call the office to inquire about an appointment, you will be directed to Jennifer Lutz, our clinic’s Lifestyle Educator. She will guide you through the intake paperwork, answer questions about the practice and make sure you know how to find us.

Jennifer works closely with Dr. Paulson as a part of your care team. On the day of your appointment, Barbara will greet you upon your arrival at our office. Then Jenn will take you into our exam room to record some measurements for your chart. These will include height and weight, a blood pressure read and a body composition test. This information will be shared with Dr. Paulson to use during your appointment.

Next is a one-hour meeting with Dr. Paulson in her office where you will discuss your health concerns and create your treatment plan. At the conclusion of your appointment with Dr. Paulson, you will once again visit with Jennifer.

During this time, you will have the ability to review your appointment and prescribed supplements. If lifestyle recommendations have been made, you will either discuss those at this time or schedule another appointment. If Dr. Paulson has requested labs, Jennifer will work with you on making those arrangements.

At the end of this time, you will check out at the front desk with Barbara where you will get your supplements, schedule your next visit and make payment arrangements.

New Patient Documents

You can choose to print these out and fill them in at home before your appointment. Alternatively, you can arrive 15 minutes before your appointment and fill them out at the office.

If you have additional information such as medical/lab records that you would like Dr. Paulson to review, please be sure to print them off and bring them with you or fax, e-mail, or mail them to us at:

Fax: 715-483-1365

True Health
809 US Highway #8,
St. Croix Falls, WI, 54024

You can also request medical records from your previous health care facility and they can be sent directly to us.